The Holy Qur'an Color Coded Translation - englisch/arabisch


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The Holy Qur'an Color Coded Translation - englisch/arabisch

The Holy Qur'an Color Coded Translation - englisch/arabisch

Color Coded Translation with Arabic

Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

By the colonization, the Muslim nations started to learn and study the western languages, after that they were able to give original works and studies about Islam. The translations of The Holy Book were of them.

One of those translators is Abdullah Yusuf Ali (1872-1953). His translations is the most recognized and authentic one. It has many editions from its first edition up to now.

This edition differs from the others with its beeing color coded. It was aimed with this to help those who know Arabic, up to some extent, to understand the Quran themselves. By matching the same colored words, the readers can find out the meanings of the verses. I have chosen as the beginning color red. Every verse begins with that and translation also. Sometimes I had to use light colors because of that the words are many in the verses. And where the words were not matching each other, the black color was used. Sometimes, Yusuf Ali has given to a verb the meaning of noun, and also to a noun that of the verb. At the same time, he translated the pronoun as a noun, or vice versa. I tried to stick the translator's method.

I beseech from the readers my forgiveness for my unintentional mistake and errors.

I request from Allah Allmighty to give His mercy to the Translator Abdullah Yusuf Ali and bless him.
-Doc. Dr. Mustafa Özel (Dokuz Eylül University - The Faculty of Divinity)-

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